26th Dec, 2023

Understanding Effective Types Against Fire in Loomian Legacy

Fire type Loomians are a popular choice among players in Loomian Legacy, known for their impressive attack stats and striking designs. However, like all Loomians, they have their weaknesses. Understanding these can give you a significant advantage in battles. This guide will delve into the types that are effective against Fire in Loomian Legacy.

Types Effective Against Fire Loomians

There are two types in Loomian Legacy that are particularly effective against Fire: Water and Earth. These types can deal double damage to Fire Loomians, making them a strategic choice in battles. Let's take a closer look at each of these types and how they fare against Fire Loomians.

Water Type Loomians

Water type Loomians are the most obvious counter to Fire types. They can deal double damage to Fire Loomians, making them an excellent choice for any trainer looking to take down a Fire type. Some popular Water type Loomians include Dripple and Pleet.

Water type moves such as "Bubble Blast" and "Aqua Jaw" can be particularly effective against Fire type Loomians. These moves not only deal significant damage, but they can also lower the Fire Loomian's attack or speed stats, giving you an even greater advantage in battle.

Earth Type Loomians

Earth type Loomians are another effective counter to Fire types. They can also deal double damage to Fire Loomians, making them a strong choice for any trainer. Some popular Earth type Loomians include Gecklow and Terrafly.

Earth type moves such as "Mud Spatter" and "Earthquake" can be devastating against Fire type Loomians. These moves can deal significant damage and potentially lower the Fire Loomian's defense stats, giving you a strategic edge in battle.

Strategies for Using Effective Types Against Fire

Knowing which types are effective against Fire is just the first step. To truly excel in Loomian Legacy, you need to understand how to strategically use these types in battle. Here are some strategies to consider.

Switching Loomians

Switching Loomians is a common strategy in Loomian Legacy. If you're up against a Fire type Loomian and you have a Water or Earth type Loomian in your team, it might be a good idea to switch to that Loomian. This can give you a significant advantage in battle, as your Loomian will be able to deal double damage to the Fire type.

However, keep in mind that switching Loomians will use up your turn. This means that the Fire type Loomian will get a chance to attack first. Therefore, it's important to consider the health and defense stats of your Loomian before making the switch.

Using Status Effects

Status effects can be a game-changer in Loomian Legacy. Some Water and Earth type moves can inflict status effects such as "Burn" or "Poison" on the Fire type Loomian. These status effects can deal damage over time, giving you an edge in battle.

However, be aware that some Fire type Loomians have abilities that can prevent or lessen the effects of these status effects. Therefore, it's important to know the abilities of the Fire type Loomian you're up against before relying on this strategy.


Understanding the types that are effective against Fire in Loomian Legacy can greatly enhance your battle strategies. By using Water and Earth type Loomians and moves strategically, you can gain a significant advantage over Fire type Loomians. Remember, the key to success in Loomian Legacy is not just knowing the strengths and weaknesses of each type, but also knowing how to use them effectively in battle.