1st Dec, 2023

Llama Train Studio: Pioneering Roblox Game Development

Ever stumbled upon a gem in the indie game development scene? That's Llama Train Studio for you. They've been turning heads with their innovative approach to gaming, and I'm here to dive into what makes them stand out.

From their quirky name to their unique game titles, Llama Train Studio isn't your average developer. They're all about creating experiences that resonate with players on a different level. Stick around as I unravel the story behind this creative powerhouse and explore their most captivating projects.

Whether you're a seasoned gamer or just dipping your toes into the indie world, there's something about Llama Train Studio that'll pique your interest. Let's embark on this journey together and discover the magic behind their games.

What is Llama Train Studio?

The Purpose and Mission of Llama Train Studio

Llama Train Studio isn't just another indie game developer; it's a team driven by a passion for crafting engaging experiences that thrill and delight. My exploration of their mission reveals a commitment to innovative gameplay and a dedication to fostering a vibrant gaming community. They strive to create games that aren’t merely played but lived, providing worlds that players can immerse themselves into, forming memories and friendships along the way. As a gamer myself, I can affirm that the content they develop underlines these commitments, with titles like Loomian Legacy offering fresh takes on familiar concepts.

The History of Llama Train Studio

My dive into the origins of Llama Train Studio is like unearthing a legendary quest. Established by lando64000 on October 18th, 2018, the studio quickly launched their first project, Hide n' Seek Ultimate. This release was a clever remastering of the classic Hide n' Seek series developed by lando64000 and tbradm. However, their legacy began earlier with their standout work on other Roblox game titles. Most notably, they captivated audiences with Pokémon Brick Bronze, a colossal hit in the Roblox community between 2015 and 2018.

The studio's notoriety skyrocketed as Pokémon Brick Bronze became one of Roblox's most popular games. Yet in a twist of fate, the game was shuttered by a copyright takedown from the Pokémon Company right as the storyline neared its climax. Despite this setback, Llama Train Studio rallied, channeling their creative energies into new ventures such as Loomian Legacy, which continues to captivate loyal fans and newcomers alike.

Llama Train Studio's Notable Projects

Pokemon Brick Bronze

I fondly remember Pokémon Brick Bronze as a landmark venture for Llama Train Studio when it was first unleashed on Roblox's immersive platform. The game, a loving homage to the Pokémon series, transformed the way players interacted with collectible creature games online. From its 2015 inception, the title garnered an immense following due to its engaging turn-based battles and expansive world ripe for exploration. Despite its overwhelming success and community engagement, the adventure was short-lived, culminating in an untimely closure. Pokémon Brick Bronze's legacy, however, continues to inspire the studio's future projects.

Loomian Legacy

As for Loomian Legacy, it's Llama Train Studio's ambitious follow-up to Pokémon Brick Bronze, and I'm thoroughly impressed by its dedication to originality. Launched on July 20th, 2019, it's a fresh take on creature-collection mechanics woven into the Roblox universe. Loomians, the central figures of the game, are enchanting beasts each boasting their own unique skills and attributes. Players dive into this fascinating role-playing experience, capturing Loomians, and unravelling the rich narrative alongside them. With ongoing updates, this series assures that trainers have a continually evolving and enriching experience. The Loomian Legacy community is burgeoning, a testament to the game's captivating allure.

Llama Train Studio Team

Founders and Key Members

At the heart of Llama Train Studio are the lead developers, Brad and Lando, who are more than just the brains of the operation. They're the visionaries. Brad, known as tbradm on Roblox, is not only a diligent scripter but also manages a bustling team. Lando, with the alias lando64000, weaves the storyline and acts as the lead project manager. Their leadership was essential to the success of titles like Pokémon Brick Bronze and continues to be so for the captivating world of Loomian Legacy.

The main developers consist of exceptional individuals like Shipool and Onigiri who bring virtual worlds to life, alongside Zetheous, Orchestra, and other dedicated artists. These team members play key roles in concept development and are masters in their respective fields, from model making to graphic design. They're ever-evolving, adaptive, and pivotal to Llama Train Studio's continued innovation and appeal.

Roles and Responsibilities

With a sharp focus on creating immersive experiences, the Llama Train Studio team has distinctly defined roles that serve the greater vision. The developers and artists collaborate closely to ensure every aspect of their games meet high standards. Model-makers like Onigiri and Zetheous are at the forefront, shaping the visual aesthetic of games such as Loomian Legacy. Map Makers like Roball and Roselius meticulously craft interactive environments that keep players engaged for hours.

Graphic and concept artists infuse originality and flair into each project, with talents like Brie_Bee and Bluefire Mochi generating designs that captivate players. With a game series as dynamic as Loomian Legacy, balancing playability is pivotal; this is where experts like JamiyJamie play a crucial role as PvP balancers. The responsibilities of synthesizing audio and effect lie with the adept SynthCity and BSlick, who compose compelling soundscapes that resonate with players.

Each team member's artistic and technical expertise contributes to a seamless gameplay experience that has defined Llama Train Studio's reputation in the gaming community.

Llama Train Studio's Contributions to the Gaming Industry

Impact and Recognition

In the sphere of indie gaming, few names resonate as strongly as Llama Train Studio. I've observed their approach to game development not just break the mold, but redefine the expectations of the Roblox community. Loomian Legacy, their flagship title after the closure of Pokémon Brick Bronze, is a testament to their ability to bounce back and create something fresh and engaging. This game alone has significantly impacted the gaming industry by introducing a well-crafted, story-driven roleplaying experience within the Roblox platform, which had predominantly been known for its mini-games and social hangouts.

The success of Llama Train Studio is evidenced by the persistent popularity of their games and the anticipation that builds ahead of their updates and new releases. Their unique approach to incorporating immersive gameplay mechanics, paired with high-quality graphics not commonly seen on Roblox, has set new standards for what's possible within this user-created universe. As a result, they've expanded the expectations of gamers and inspired other developers to push creative boundaries.

My personal experience with their games aligns with these observations — they bridge the gap between the simplicity of user-generated games and the complexity of fully-fledged RPGs. They've crafted engaging stories and created vast worlds that rival traditional console games, showcasing the untapped potential of platforms like Roblox.


Llama Train Studio stands out as a beacon of creativity and resilience in the indie game development landscape. Through their journey from Pokémon Brick Bronze to the heights of Loomian Legacy, they've not only captured the hearts of gamers but have also set a new standard on the Roblox platform. The studio's dedicated team, led by Brad and Lando, has proven that with passion and teamwork, even the most ambitious projects can become a reality. Their awards and recognition are well-deserved badges of honor, reflecting their commitment to excellence. As they continue to influence and inspire, I'm excited to see where Llama Train Studio's innovative spirit will take them—and us—next. It's clear they're not just making games; they're crafting experiences that resonate and endure.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Llama Train Studio known for?

Llama Train Studio is known for their innovative approach to game development, particularly in creating engaging experiences and fostering a vibrant gaming community on the Roblox platform. They gained popularity with Pokémon Brick Bronze and continue to captivate players with Loomian Legacy.

What happened to Pokémon Brick Bronze?

Pokémon Brick Bronze was a landmark venture for Llama Train Studio with a large player base and immersive gameplay. However, the game was eventually closed down due to Copyright reasons.

Who are the lead developers of Llama Train Studio?

The lead developers of Llama Train Studio are Brad and Lando. They, along with a team of skilled individuals, are responsible for the conception and execution of Llama Train Studio's popular gaming titles.

What roles do team members play at Llama Train Studio?

Team members at Llama Train Studio take on various roles, including model-making, map-making, graphic design, and audio composition. Each role is crucial in delivering the seamless gameplay experience Llama Train Studio games are known for.

How has Llama Train Studio impacted the gaming industry?

Llama Train Studio has redefined expectations on the Roblox platform with their story-driven roleplaying games. Their success with Loomian Legacy has influenced many developers, showing the potential for deep, narrative-driven experiences on Roblox.

What influence does Llama Train Studio have in the Roblox community?

Llama Train Studio has set a precedent for success on the Roblox platform, inspiring a wave of new games that aim for deeper, narrative-driven experiences. Their innovative approach to game development has established them as pioneers in the Roblox gaming community.