1st Dec, 2023

Top Loomian Legacy Alternatives: Discover New Roblox MMOs

If you're itching for a gaming experience similar to Loomian Legacy, you're in luck. I've scoured the gaming world to bring you the best alternatives that capture that same thrilling essence. Whether you're a fan of the strategic battles or the joy of collecting and training creatures, there's something out there for everyone.

I'll dive into games that not only match the vibe of Loomian Legacy but also offer their own unique twists. From immersive worlds to intricate combat systems, these picks are sure to reignite your passion for the genre. Ready to discover your next gaming obsession? Let's get started.

What Is Loomian Legacy?

When I stumbled upon Loomian Legacy, it was as if I'd discovered a whole new dimension within Roblox. This gem, crafted by Lando64000, Tbradm, and a host of skilled developers from Llama Train Studio, provides a unique spin on the creature-collection genre that has been captivating gamers since its release on July 20th, 2019. Unlike the standard Roblox Pokemon experiences many of us are used to, Loomian Legacy offers a distinct universe brimming with originality and intrigue.

Diving into the game, what caught my attention immediately was the Loomians themselves — each one meticulously designed with its own set of abilities and specialties. They are not just mere avatars; they're partners that trainers capture, train, and bond with on their adventures. These fictional, animal-like creatures make up the heart and soul of the game, giving players the chance to foster a unique relationship as they journey through this expansive world.

Every Loomian I encountered had its own story, and learning about their roles and strengths unfolded like an intricate dance. The game's emphasis on bonding and progression reflects a dynamic that echoes the character development of traditional RPGs but with the added personal touch of growing alongside one's Loomians. There's something deeply rewarding about putting in the hours to evolve and empower your team, knowing that every victory is a shared one.

I must admit, Tales of Tanorio and Temtem have echoed some of these sentiments, but the charm of Loomian Legacy lies within its integration into the Roblox platform. The game not only draws in the immense and diverse audience of Roblox but also offers continuous content updates that ensure the experience remains fresh, immersive, and ever-evolving.

In this living, breathing digital ecosystem, battles are more than a show of power; they're a tactical display where strategies intertwine with personal bonds. It's not just a game, it's a world teeming with life and creativity, beckoning players to explore and engage in ways they've never done before on Roblox.

Why Look for Alternatives?

When a game like Loomian Legacy captures the attention of so many within the Roblox ecosystem, it's not uncommon for players to seek similar excitement elsewhere after some time. So why might enthusiastic gamers start searching for alternatives?

Lack of Updates

One reason players might drift toward games like Tales of Tanorio or Temtem is due to the update frequency they experience in Loomian Legacy. While the game initially offers a fresh take on the creature-collection genre, the anticipation for new content can wane if updates are few and far between. The excitement of exploring new areas, encountering new Loomians, and fresh features is a significant draw for any player. When that's missing, the itch to explore alternatives grows stronger.

Repetitive Gameplay

Any game risks slipping into monotony if its gameplay starts feeling like a well-trodden path. Roblox Pokemon games, including Loomian Legacy, are no exception. Despite the engaging start and initial challenges, the gameplay loop can become too familiar, pushing players to seek out different games that might offer a new twist or a different perspective to rekindle their interest. Variety in gameplay is a key component in keeping a player's long-term engagement, and for some, Loomian Legacy's charm might not be enough to prevent a drift toward other titles.

Pay-to-Win Features

In the world of free-to-play games, the balance between monetization and fair play is delicate. If a player starts to feel the game is veering too closely to pay-to-win dynamics, where spending real money seems requisite for progression or competitive play, they may start looking elsewhere. It's imperative for a game to maintain an environment where all players feel they have a chance to succeed, regardless of their investment. Games that manage this balance, like Temtem, can offer an appealing alternative to those disenchanted by any pay-to-win aspects that might seep into the experience of Loomian Legacy.

Top Alternatives to Loomian Legacy

Doodle World

Exploring the Roblox platform, I've come across Doodle World, a captivating game by Doodle World Studios. Released on April 2, 2022, this game quickly piqued my interest as it presents a refreshing island littered with enigmatic Doodles. Starting my adventure, I was entrusted with a Starter Doodle and the lofty goal of collecting all 10 Keys. In a competition against other skilled trainers, I was drawn into its immersive world, straying from the gameplay that Loomian Legacy provided. The appeal of Doodle World lies in its blend of familiarity and innovation within the creature collection genre on Roblox.

Tales of Tanorio

Another upcoming game that's caught my eye is Tales of Tanorio, a creature-catching MMO poised to launch on Roblox. With promises of introducing over 100 unique Tanorians to capture and befriend, the game is set in the vibrant region of Tanorio. It offers an original storyline, a dynamic character roster, and brand new gameplay features that distinguish it from other games like Loomian Legacy or even traditional Roblox Pokemon experiences. As I eagerly await its release, Tales of Tanorio stands as a promising alternative, potentially reshaping the creature collection landscape on Roblox.


Straying from the Roblox environment but maintaining a semblance of that creature-collection thrill, I've been enthralled by Temtem. Developed by Crema and published by Humble Games, Temtem is a comprehensive MMO adventure that spans across floating islands known as the Airborne Archipelago. With a plethora of quests, the option to battle other tamers, and intriguing trading and breeding mechanics, my experience with Temtem has been nothing short of exhilarating. It offers a strategic depth and a sense of global community that could entice those who've enjoyed Loomian Legacy, seeking a broader horizon.


Exploring these fantastic worlds beyond Loomian Legacy has never been more exciting. Whether you're drawn to the vibrant shores of Doodle World, the camaraderie of Tales of Tanorio, or the expansive realms of Temtem, there's a rich adventure waiting for you. Each game brings its unique flavor to the creature-collection genre and promises hours of engaging gameplay. So why not dive in and discover your new favorite today? Your next epic journey is just a click away.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Doodle World?

Doodle World is a game within the Roblox platform that offers players the chance to explore an island brimming with mysterious creatures, capture them, and compete with other trainers.

Can you tell me about Tales of Tanorio?

Tales of Tanorio is an upcoming creature-catching MMO on Roblox, featuring over 100 unique creatures for players to capture, alongside a diverse range of characters to interact with.

Is Temtem related to Roblox?

No, Temtem is a separate MMO adventure game set in the Airborne Archipelago, where players can engage in quests, battles, trading, and breeding with its own array of creatures.

Are there any good alternatives to Loomian Legacy?

Yes, games like Doodle World, Tales of Tanorio, and Temtem provide exciting alternatives to Loomian Legacy for players looking for a new creature collection and adventure experience.