19th Nov, 2023

Level Up Fast in Loomian Legacy: Best Training Hotspots

Key Takeaways

AspectKey Points

Utilize Training Hotspots for maximum gains in experience, money, and Training Points (TPs).

StrategyChoose Hotspots based on desired TPs and Loomian levels.
LocationsKey trainers and areas for best experience and TP yield.
Loomian GrowthFast leveling and TP accumulation methods.

Hotspot Overview

Loomian Legacy presents a unique gaming universe, and to excel, players need to level up their Loomians quickly. Training Hotspots, strategically located across Roria, offer a consistent source of TPs, experience, and money. Unlike random wild encounters, these hotspots provide more substantial benefits, including specific TP yields or higher monetary rewards.

Loomian Legacy trainer hotspots chart


Experience-focused hotspots are crucial for leveling up Loomians. For instance, Ray in Atlanthian Park provides an impressive 2949 experience per battle, making it a prime location for players looking to boost their Loomians' levels quickly. Teddy on Route 8 is another notable spot, offering 1814 experience per battle.


Money is a vital resource in Loomian Legacy, and certain hotspots are particularly lucrative. Haden on Route 7, for example, gives the most money out of all trainers offering rematches, alongside a substantial experience bonus.

Training Points

Training Points (TPs) are essential for strengthening Loomians in specific stats. Hotspots across Roria cater to different TP needs:


Gordon on Route 6 is the go-to trainer for Health TPs, offering a total of three points across his Loomians.


For Energy TPs, Tamyra in Lotusun Beach is unmatched, providing five points across her Loomians.

Melee and Ranged Attack/Defense

Melee and ranged stats are crucial for a balanced team. Macy on Route 6 is the best source for Melee Attack TPs, while Grey, on the same route, is the preferred choice for Melee Defense. Leanne and Charles, also on Route 6, are ideal for Ranged Attack and Defense TPs, respectively.


Speed can turn the tide of battles. Gabe on Route 6 is the foremost trainer for accumulating Speed TPs.

Maximizing Your Loomian Legacy Experience

To get the most out of your Loomian Legacy experience, it's crucial to understand the mechanics of the game. Loomian Legacy offers a vast world with various Loomians to train and evolve. Our comprehensive Loomian Legacy Values List can help you understand the value of each Loomian in your collection, making it easier to trade and build a powerful team.

For beginners, our Introduction to Loomian Legacy Trading is an invaluable resource, offering insights into trading mechanics and strategies to excel in the game. Additionally, visiting the Favorites section can help you keep track of your preferred Loomians and strategize accordingly.

To delve deeper into the world of Loomian Legacy, explore specific Loomians like Embit, Rabburn, and Searknight. Each Loomian comes with unique abilities and stats, making them suitable for different battle strategies and roles in your team.


In Loomian Legacy, leveling up fast is all about strategic training and making the most of available resources. Training Hotspots provide a streamlined path to boosting your Loomians' levels, earning money, and accumulating valuable TPs. By focusing on these hotspots and understanding the mechanics of Loomian Legacy, you can enhance your gameplay and become a formidable trainer in the world of Roria.