25th Nov, 2023

The Thrilling World of Loomian Legacy Values

Embark on an epic journey through the vast world of Loomian Legacy, where the quest to capture, train, and trade Loomians is more than just a game---it's a thrilling enterprise full of strategy, interaction, and, of course, value assessment. Here's a deep dive into the factors that make each Loomian uniquely precious and how they form the backbone of the game's bustling economy.


Have you heard about the legendary player who traded their way to the top using only their wits and knowledge of Loomian values? Such tales are not mere fantasies! Mastering the intricacies of Loomian values can transform your gameplay experience, turning it into a rewarding venture. Let's unravel the mystery behind what makes a Loomian valuable and how it shakes up the entire Loomian Legacy universe.

Rarity and Its Impact

Rarity is the glittering crown jewel of Loomian values, casting a shining light on those creatures most sought after. Take gleaming and gamma Loomians, for example, their lustrous sheen making them the envy of every trainer's eye. With encounter rates akin to stumbling upon a hidden treasure and the allure of event-exclusive Loomians, rarity certainly dictates desirability.

Table: Rarity and Value Correlation

Rarity LevelImpact on ValueExamples
CommonLower ValueTwilight, Kabunga
RareHigher ValueDuskit, Ikazune
GleamingVery High ValueGleaming Vambat
GammaTop ValueGamma Phancub
Event-ExclusivePremium ValueSanta Ragoon

TP Training and PvP Viability

Understanding TP training isn't just about cultivating a formidable team; it's an art that amplifies a Loomian's worth. Properly educated on the UPs (Upfront Points), your Loomians become not just competitors but champions in the PvP arena. The demand for these PvP gladiators surges as players seek the strongest allies for their quests.

Factors Defining PvP Strength

  • UPs Allocation
  • Move Sets
  • Type Advantages

Demand and Supply

Just like any market, the Loomian trade landscape is shaped by the forces of demand and supply. Thirst for a particular Loomian can pump its value sky-high, while a glut can have their worth waning. Knowledge is power; understanding the ebb and flow of Loomian availability is a skill that pays dividends.

"In the vibrant economy of Loomian Legacy, every trade is a pulse that echoes through the community."

Additional Factors

Loomians are complex creatures, and their value reflects this. From Hidden Abilities (HA) that evoke awe to event-exclusive movesets and the elusive Perfect Training (6x40), these factors can turn your Loomian from a gem into a priceless jewel.

Hidden Abilities and Value Enhancement

  • HA Loomian | Significance
  • Eleguana with HA | Taps into rarer abilities
  • Swolder with HA | Decisively shifts PvP battles

Trading Resources and Tools*

Ever felt lost in the thickets of trade? Places like and community-driven forums shine the light, guiding you through. In these hubs of shared knowledge, staying updated with market currents is not just beneficial---it's essential.

Essential Trading Resources

  • A comprehensive guide
  • Community Forums: Real-time trade discussions
  • Game Updates: Influencing shifts in values

Strategies for Valuing Your Loomians

Here are some strategies for assessing the true worth of your Loomians:

  1. Know the meta: What works in PvP?
  2. Rarity research: What's rare is valuable.
  3. Community pulse: Stay connected.
  4. Seasonal shifts: Events matter.


Remember, the world of Loomian Legacy values is ever-evolving, with each update and event spinning a new thread in the fabric of this vibrant community. We've journeyed through understanding Loomian values and trust that this knowledge will empower you on your adventures!

Key Takeaways

Key PointDescription
Rarity & Value

Rarity directly influences Loomian value; gleaming and gamma are premium.

TP Training & PvPTraining enhances value via PvP utility.
Market DynamicsDemand and supply govern Loomian trade.
Additional FactorsAbilities and movesets add significant value.
Resources & Strategies

Use online tools and community insights to gauge value accurately.

Explore our complete guide to Loomian values and join the conversation on who we are to learn more about the community shaping the world of Loomian Legacy.


  • How do I determine a Loomian's rarity? Use online resources and community forums to learn about encounter rates and event exclusivity.

  • What is TP training, and why does it matter? TP training optimizes a Loomian's battle performance, enhancing its value, especially for PvP encounters.

  • Where can I trade my Loomians? Visit Loomian Legacy Trading Intro for platforms and tips on successful trading.